Saturday, February 7, 2009

Winterfest 2009

Ahhhh, CCHS. Churchill County High School. Home of the Greenwave - the rolling waves of blowing alfalfa as you look across the valley. Key word: blowing. Yes, the wind does blow a lot in this valley. But.....I love it. For the most part, I love good ol' CCHS too. This week was Winterfest 2009. The student council sponsered dress up days. I only partcipated in one dress up day - twin day. I was twins with my fellow PE teacher, Chele Dalager. We went through some old uniforms and showed off our greenwave pride.

This year Winterfest has been especially fun because our boys and girls varsity basketball teams are doing very well. Garrett and Miles play on the boys varsity team. They are ranked second in our zone. Addison, Payton, and I go to as many home games as we can. Actually, the girls love it - they sit on the first row at halfcourt with all their horses, stuffed animals, coloring books, crayons, books, and any other toy that looks appealing as we are packing for the game. The referees always talk to them when they are inbounding a ball on our sideline. Yes, they are rather cute.

On Friday, the boys played their last home game of the regular season. The seniors were of course honored with their parents - Garrett being one of them. As a member of the paparazzi, I was right there catching the action.

Both Garrett and Miles are fine basketball players. I have really enjoyed watching them play this season. They have high expectations for themselves on the basketball court and it is evident watching them on the court. I get emotionally involved in their games and I am not even a true sibling. I feel like my mom sometimes; I am so nervous that I can't bear to sit there a minute longer - I would rather wait outside in the lobby. They haven't disappointed has been a treat. (I took a bunch of pictures at the game. However, hardly any turned out. Thank goodness we still have games left. Hopefully, I can get some good ones to add to the blog.)

We won our final home game - both boys did a fantastic job. Here they are with their grandparents, Verl and Martha Hendrix (Elaine's Parents).

Of course, against their wishes, Elaine made them stand next to me for a quick picture. At first, they were mad - I was the only one with a cheesy grin.

Then, Elaine yelled and they smiled but look at me. Yeah.