Sunday, June 29, 2008

Splish Splash!!

The girls have been taking private swimming lessons at the indoor pool. Their teacher is amazingly patient. I have seen great swimming improvements in both Addison and Payton. It has been such a treat to watch them every week get braver and better. Addison can now float on her back, retrieve rings from the bottom of the pool, jump off the edge of the pool, and do a pretty good front crawl swimming stroke. Although, she doesn't really go anywhere while attempting the front crawl. Payton just loves the water. She will put her entire head under water, jump off the edge of the pool, and retrieve the rings in the shallow end of the pool. They are adorable.

Since starting swimming lessons, we try to go the outdoor pool once a week too. They love the outdoor pool because of the slide. Down they go - over and over and over again. They love to swim under the rope and jump off the edge. We also went to Lake Lahonton last weekend with the Schenk Family. The lake doesn't have very much water so instead of sand they played in mud - but they still had a great time. Also, yesterday, we went to the Wild Island Waterpark in Reno. It was very expensive but VERY worth it. The girls had so much fun. The kiddie pool had five slides and many other play areas. They were in heaven. There was also a wave pool - which they enjoyed as well. I received so many comments from other mothers about their ability to go down the slides by themselves - especially Payton. She would slide down head first and wouldn't let me touch her! I was pretty proud of them both. They are my fish! We are looking forward to the Oakley Pool when we visit Grammy and Papa in July!!

These Pictures were taken at Lake Lahonton.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Playing around at the playground!

The girls were home this last weekend. We had plans to go spend the day at the lake. However, the weather was rather chilly. So we stayed in until we could take it no longer. We decided to visit the new city park.

This is a typical Smith girl habit - run barefoot in the park!
This darling dear stopped for a second to pose for the picture before she slid down the biggest slide in the park. We tried to coax the other darling dear, but she was more interested in flying the jet. She was trying to catch Uncle Todd in his jet. "Wait up, Uncle Todd. Peas!"
What could they be looking at? Why it is Uncle Todd in his jet!

The day was great. We had a good time.